Unforgettable Records in the ICC Cricket World Cup

Unforgettable Records in the ICC Cricket World Cup

Unforgettable Records from 1975 to 2019 at the ICC Cricket World Cup Since its inception in 1975.

The ICC Cricket World Cup has produced numerous exceptional performances and memorable moments. Players have made their mark on history by setting remarkable records as teams from all over the world compete for supremacy in cricket. Let’s take a look back at some of the tournament’s most remarkable achievements up until 2019.

Highest Individual Score:

Unforgettable Records in the ICC Cricket World Cup
Chris Gayle of the West Indies captivated the cricketing world when he scored an astonishing 215 runs against Zimbabwe during the 2015 World Cup. His astonishing score included a World Cup record-breaking 16 sixes, the most in any innings.

Most Runs in a Single Tournament:
Sachin Tendulkar, frequently alluded to as the “Little Expert,” holds the record for the most runs in a solitary World Cup competition. In the 2003 release held in South Africa, Tendulkar amassed a wonderful 673 runs, including one hundred years and six fifties.

Most Centuries in World Cups:
With an exceptional vocation traversing the north of twenty years, Tendulkar likewise holds the record for the most hundreds of years in World Cup history. The masterful cricketer established his status as one of the greatest ever by scoring six centuries in six tournaments.

Highest Team Total:
During the 2016 World Cup, the West Indies unleashed an unstoppable onslaught on the Zimbabwean bowlers, posting an astounding total of 417 runs. This record-breaking innings showcased the power-hitting abilities of the West Indian batsmen.


Most Sixes in a World Cup:


Glenn Maxwell, Australia’s explosive opener and true power hitter, holds the record for hitting the most sixes in a World Cup match. Maxwell cleared the limit ropes a stunning multiple times in the 2015 version, leaving resistance bowlers in wonderment of his hitting ability.


Best Bowling Figures in an Innings:

In the 1975 World Cup semifinals against England, Australia’s Gary Gilmour bowled like a pro, taking an astonishing 6 wickets for just 14 runs. His extraordinary ability helped Australia win a memorable match and propelled him into history.

Most Wickets in World Cups:

With his exact swing bowling and misleading varieties, Muttiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka stays the main wicket-taker in World Cup history. Muralitharan took a staggering 68 wickets in four tournaments throughout his career.

Best Bowling Average in World Cups:

Glen McGrath, one more Australian legend, holds the record for the best bowling normal in World Cup history. McGrath finished his World Cup career with an incredible average of 18.19, demonstrating his skill and consistency through accuracy and movement extraction.

Fans of cricket have been awestruck by a number of records set during the ICC Cricket World Cup. From sensational batting showcases to surprising bowling accomplishments, these records mirror the colossal ability and expertise moved by the players who have graced this lofty competition. We can only speculate about the incredible records that will be set in the years to come as the cricketing world eagerly awaits the next World Cup.


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